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Rising in the bustling and booming northern city of Pampanga, on a sprawling 8 hectares of prime property right at the western corner of the North Luzon Expressway flanked by supermalls Robinsons Starmills and SM City Pampanga, Azure North will be the hottest new masterplanned resort development north of the Metro Manila.

Azure North was strategically resurrected among other landmarks of the San Fernando district that is an integral part of the Philippine’s Pampanga. The complex itself is a startling eight hectares of land coverage, linking beach closer to the metro or commercial stretches of San Fernando.  San Fernando itself is central to, well, Central Luzon.

The investment potential was realized. The developers of the Azure North complex recognized that San Fernando remains one of the Philippine’s busiest cities. Also, with continued growth going forward, an appreciation of the districts’ culture and history is being maintained while catering for a growing middle class of Filipinos in and away from Pampanga.

Those who have industrial development ambitions of their own also need to be reminded that Pampanga is home to a few industrial developments as well as agricultural processing centers. Two key crops here are that of rice and sugar, both staples for the entire Southeast Asian region. Beverage processing and manufacturing is also a primary source of industry in Pampanga. 

This city already holds a number of prominent commercial nodes such as the Robinsons Starmills, SM City Pampanga and S and R Membership Shopping. Incidentally, Azure North is closely located to these spaces, west of the Northern Luzon Expressway.

Also, new residents are quite close to the cultural hub that is the Hilaga Philippines. It is the successor to the well-known Paskuhan Village. This can be regarded as the melting pot from which everything that is unique to the Pampanga region in terms of culture and food springs. While every conceivable amenity has been provided for Azure North residents, everything beyond their secluded walls is within close distance.

And even so, children must still go to school. In San Fernando, parents also have a choice pick of day care facilities, primary and high schools. And young adults preparing for their futures have a host of tertiary institutions to choose from.

Those new to the area need to be reminded that while the Philippines is not the largest of countries, its population density within major urban areas is heavy. But cities’ urban transport networks are improving. So, getting to Azure North is easy. It can be accessed through San Fernando no matter which Philippine provinces you are approaching the city from. Note that in Pampanga, you are still close enough to Bataan and the country’s capital city, Manila.

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