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Such is the scale and breath of Azure North's beach and water space that it houses a myriad of recreational amenities. These include Azure North Island, which rises out from the middle of the water, and becomes the perfect venue for private functions, dinners, or just a place for quiet contemplation amidst the hammocks and palm trees. Azure North also feature a pool bar that lets you survey the more exuberant water activities that includes water slide, cascading waterfalls, and an expansive beach-fringed lagoon.


No effort has been spared by Century Properties and its staff to bring this complex development to as many aspirant investors as possible. In dealing with that amenable approach, units have been appropriately structured to accommodate different lifestyle requirements mindful of spending power.

On the beach – Given that it has been deliberately been designed to be the center of attraction, it has to be emphasized that residents have the beach as one of their main amenities. There are, of course, others.

The living plan – This was hinted at briefly, but again, to emphasize, the living spaces have been structured as studios, one-bed roomed and two-bed roomed apartments. Every attention to detail was given to allowing these units as much of the panoramic views as possible. More importantly, living up to the contribution towards sustainable living, the design plan brings residents as much natural light as possible. A convivial ambience has also been created within the walls of each different sized unit. 

Never having to do a thing – No resident ever needs to lift a finger if he or she so chooses. Each tower has its own set of maintenance teams standing by. These take care of the landscaped gardens as well as any maintenance requirements, even something as mundane as changing a washer, within the units. While residents are afforded more time for leisure, the service is nevertheless important in that it caters for emergencies.

Twisting by the pool – No need to stay inside all day. That is like stating the obvious in this location. Nevertheless, those who simply wish to chill as it were can head off to a pool bar with a difference. Not sunset cocktails, but slides, waterfalls and a lagoon are what greet laidback patrons.
The island life – Staying outdoors, every effort has been made to replicate this lifestyle and the inspirations mentioned earlier. Azure North’s island feature is also an ideal destination for the hosting of family-centered or business functions.

Shop and party till you drop – Not necessarily, perhaps, but residents need not venture into the heart of San Fernando. They can remain secluded and take advantage of shopping spaces and restaurants for their after work and out of the house excursions.

Peace of mind – Not to be forgotten is the important matter of providing security. This is twenty four hours a day. Also, surveillance cameras complete the security team. Access points are closely monitored and there is little chance of break-ins, the typical prevail of hard-living and working urban city dwellers today.

  • Pool
  • Manmade Beach
  • Game Room
  • Indoor & Outdoor Restaurant
  • Fitness Center
  • Spa
  • Beach Bar
  • Theater Room
  • Locker Room
  • Ice Cream Candy Bar
  • Day Care
  • Bar Resto Club
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